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NOTE:  Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles is NOT affiliated with Oshkosh Equipment Sales (OES) located in Oshkosh, WI which sells retired military vehicles and equipment such as flatbed trailers, material handling equipment, military aircraft tugs and tow tractors, and generators and power equipment, etc.  For parts and service of those vehicles, visit or contact their Service and Parts Dept. at (800) 231-5677.

We make sure your Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles trucks, relocatable training shelters, and trailers are ready to perform flawlessly for your teams. Count on world class after-delivery support from a staff of highly experienced service representatives, each with extensive experience in building and servicing our highly-customized specialty products. These professionals provide warranty assistance, complete repair and diagnostic services, and replacement parts assistance.

  • 24/7 Warranty assistance
  • Will-Burt mast/light tower service and replacement
  • Chassis preventative maintenance
  • Coach repairs: fabrication, assembly, paint
  • Communication system upgrades
  • Vehicle body remounts and refurbishment
  • Maintenance and operational training

Service requests are supported by Joey Loncharich and his staff.  These include vehicle and major mechanical systems inquiries including stabilizer jacks, generators, electrical, OSV fabricated parts, slide-out sections, and body damage repair.

Vehicle & Shelter Parts, Service & Warranty:
Joey Loncharich
Tel: (727) 280-8857

OSV Medical Trailer and RV (now owned by Kentucky Trailer) Parts & Service:
Mike Lentes
Tel: (502) 909-2813

Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles has a network of nineteen dealer/service centers for standard mechanical service needs and can be used as a facility by Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles engineering staff to perform systems service or field upgrades as needed.


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