Store, discuss and process your mission’s classified intel on board the industry’s strongest, most durable trailer chassis.  OSV Sensitive Compartment Information Facility Trailers are designed, engineered, manufactured, and fielded by our team members.  In working so closely with your team without the use of subcontractors, you receive the most locked-down, integrated system.

From the sound attenuating to the comfortable work space to the ample storage, we create optimal conditions for you to maintain the sensitivity of every mission.

Product Features: 

  • Available in 20’ – 53’
  • RF shielding meets or exceeds TEMPEST ICS 705-1 requirements
  • Single or Dual expanding section(s) for increased interior operational space
  • Heating, air conditioning and humidity control systems for optimal environment for equipment and personnel
  • Shore power connection and on-board generator with manual or optional automatic transfer switching
  • Sound attenuating interior wall and ceiling finishes and durable floor covering
  • Spacious, illuminated underbody storage compartments
  • Dimmable ceiling mounted light fixtures
  • Safety features include fire detection system and wall mounted ABC extinguishers